Dog Bite Prevention

Children and dogs are the perfect combination of friendship – but unfortunately dog bites are on the rise. In North America the majority of dog bite victims are often under the age of 14. Dog bites can be prevented by following a few simple rules and teaching children to respect the space of their canine […]

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The Allergic Pet: What to Do?

Allergies in our pets can be a frustrating thing. More and more dogs and cats are prone to itching, scratching, chewing, gnawing and biting. They can damage their skin, lose sleep and become irritable because of how itchy they feel.

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Be a Tree

The “Be a Tree” programme is designed to give children the tools to stay safe around dogs. The premise is simple by following a few simple guidelines children learn how to respond when they feel threatened by a dog.

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The 4DX Test

You arrive at the clinic for your dog’s heartworm test and the staff refers to the blood test as a 4DX. What does that mean exactly? A 4DX test evaluates your dog’s blood for 4 specific diseases – heartworm, Anaplasma, exposure to Lyme bacteria and Erlichia canis. This article will hopefully help you understand what […]

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Is my cat overweight?

Cats have a great life, they are very much the pampered member of our family unit. How many of us try hard not to disturb the cat while it is sleeping on the bed or sofa? This sedentary lifestyle has led to the increase of overweight and obese cats. The unfortunate truth is that many […]

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