Cassandra Walsh

Client Services
While living in Newfoundland, I accepted a position as a kennel attendant at the local veterinary clinic. I had expressed interest to them in learning about the veterinary industry, and they were kind enough to teach me from the ground up. Shortly after beginning this new adventure at the Animal Health Centre I knew it was the field for me and became their administrative assistant.I joined Fairmont Animal Hospital in October of 2016. After hearing such great reviews about the staff, I knew it was where I wanted to be.


Your Pet Has Torn a Nail? Here’s What You Can Do at Home.

Often, we will see pets come in with a broken or torn nail. These are usually very bloody messes and will scare owners. Do not fear; yes, there is a lot of blood but with some help, we can stop or minimize the bleeding until you can see the Veterinarian.

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