Dr. Christina Parker, DVM


I graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2012. I joined the clinic in 2016. The areas of the veterinary industry that interest me the most are behaviour, dentistry, internal medicine, dermatology, and physiotherapy.

My favourite thing about the clinic is the close-knit relationships that all of the staff have with the clients and patients! I love how the technicians know which pet I bring into the treatment area before I even have to say their name.

What I love most about my job is everything! I think so many areas of veterinary medicine are fascinating, and I like that I get to see such a variety of things in one day. I also enjoy creating long-term relationships with clients and their pets.

Fun fact about me is that I love puzzles - and will spend hours working on a good jigsaw puzzle. I have a lot of fun doing escape rooms as well! I am also a big foodie, and my day can be made with a delicious meal. Also, my first pet Sandy, a Cockapoo.


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