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Daniella Almeida, ACA

ACA and Client Services
Daniella’s passion for animals all started at the young age of 5, when she got her first dog “Princess”. She now has not one dog, but THREE! Need-less to say she is dog obsessed. She currently has a dachshund and two Shepherd mixes... guess you could call them her little pack. Where there are dogs, there is Daniella; from the park, to visiting shelters, to following around all the cute pups in the clinic. Daniella has been given the opportunity to practice canine behaviour and had attended the Dog Psychology Center in California for many weeks during the summer. Daniella has been a huge asset to the team with introducing proper training and handling of our canine patients, as well as reading canine body language. She has been able to help many clients with behavioural questions and concerns. Daniella appreciates applying her knowledge to building relationships with her fellow clients and patients. In the clinic you can usually find her behind the front desk or in the back assisting. She states “Fairmont has a positive and welcoming environment, which are valuable qualities to have in a workplace. This is part of why I love working here.”


cat dog christmas

Christmas Hazards for Pets

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. However, it can also come with some serious and potentially lethal dangers to our pets. 

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