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Be a Tree

The “Be a Tree” programme is designed to give children the tools to stay safe around dogs. The premise is simple by following a few simple guidelines children learn how to respond when they feel threatened by a dog.

How to be a tree!

  1. Be a tree if you are ever scared by a dog that is approaching you.
  2. Become a tree by standing perfectly still and look at the ground (head lowered) and fold your branches (arms) in front of you.
  3. Let your roots hold you in place and look at your feet. (Stand perfectly still)
  4. Count in your head as high as you can and keep repeating the count until an adult comes to help you or the dog loses interest and goes away.
  5. Be still and quiet – dogs find things that are still and quiet very boring, it is hard to chase a tree.

This is an excellent programme that parents should review and practice with their children. The web site has an informative video that both parents and children can watch together. I highly recommend following the steps they outline as dog bites are on the rise. Children need to know how to respond if they feel threatened and this website gives them the tools to do so.

Please visit www.doggonesafe.com for more information on the ‘Be a Tree’ programme.



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