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Biting Puppies

When a puppy nips or bites, their teeth can leave a lasting imprint on your skin. Although biting is often thought to be a teething behavior, nipping, mouthing and biting in young dogs is generally a form of social play. Teething is more likely to involve gnawing or chewing household objects. When dealing with a puppy that is biting you should follow a few of these informative tips.


The most important survival lesson for a puppy to learn is that biting causes pain.

When a puppy’s teeth meet your skin, keep the following in mind.

  • Make sure to provide ample opportunity for play, without biting involved.
  • Respond the same way a puppy playmate might – let out a yip or a high-pitched ouch, it is ok to be dramatic.
  • If you have no success with the ‘ouch’ and the biting continues, immediately stop the play session and leave the room.
  • Do not punish your puppy by hitting, swatting, holding the muzzle or yelling (play biting is natural for a puppy, learning how not to bite is the lesson we hope to teach)
  • Children can only play with a puppy using a toy, this rule also applies to any adult who cannot play reasonably with a puppy.
  • Children need to be supervised and should immediately stop playing with a puppy who attempts to bite or mouth.
  • Use only large soft indestructible toys for you play sessions.
  • Reinforce the sit and stay commands so you can take control during your play sessions.
  • Stop play at the first sign of over arousal.
  • Never allow your puppy to mouth human hair, clothing, scarves. Shoes, pant legs or gloved hands: because these articles cannot feel this inadvertently trains the puppy to bite harder.
  • Our hands, feet, and clothing are not toys.
  • Social play with people should involve controlled games such as retrieving, hide and seek as well as long walks or light jogging.
  • Although wrestling and tug-of-war games can be fun, they may lead to play that is too rough or rambunctious.

The aim is to set your puppy up for success and by setting a few ground rules you should be able to enjoy this very special time with your new family addition.

Written by The Fairmont Animal Hospital Team



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