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Cookie Therapy for Dogs


Our aim at the clinic is to always make your dog’s experience a positive one in nature, and you will often hear the staff discussing ‘cookie therapy’. In human terms ‘cookie therapy’ means all of our problems would disappear with unlimited Oreo’s or cookies of our choice. (I wish my dentist had such a program)

In dog terms ‘cookie therapy’ is our attempt at making your dog feel more comfortable and less stressed while visiting the clinic. We start off slowly by introducing a favourite treat and at the same time try to reinforce a happy and positive experience for your dog. ‘Cookie therapy’ is one way the staff works with you to create a comfortable visit to the clinic. To start with the visit is usually only a few minutes long and slowly we work up to longer times. Once the comfort level has improved, we then attempt to introduce simple things like the weigh scales or walking into the examination room without fear.  It sometimes takes a long time coupled with patience and commitment to get your dog comfortable walking through the door. With time and lots and lots of cookies, your dog should become more confident about visiting us at the clinic.

Anyone is welcome to bring their canine friend into the clinic for ‘cookie therapy’- we will gladly spoil them with love, affection and of course treats (the most important part of the visit). So come on down and visit us anytime and join the ‘cookie’ club.

Written by Marie Hearn


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