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Is my cat overweight?

Cats have a great life, they are very much the pampered member of our family unit. How many of us try hard not to disturb the cat while it is sleeping on the bed or sofa? This sedentary lifestyle has led to the increase of overweight and obese cats. The unfortunate truth is that many household cats are overweight and some are very obese. Weight gain and obesity can put our cat’s health at serious risk, apart from the reduced life expectancy, overweight cats can have the following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Painful osteoarthritis concerns
  • Ligament ruptures due to having to carry the extra weight
  • Heart disease
  • Respiratory concerns
  • Disc disease
  • Heat stroke
  • Increased anesthetic risk

Remember too much food + too little exercise = Obesity

Other signs to monitor include:

  • If you cannot feel their ribs when running your hand along their side then they are overweight
  • If you notice the loss of an obvious waist.
  • Your cat is slow to move or rise from sleeping.
  • They have difficulty running, jumping or even walking.
  • You observe shortness of breath when they are asked to move
  • Then appear to sleep more than they normally would do.
  • If you see a number of yes answers to the above questions it is time to assess your cat’s current weight and lifestyle – a good place to start is at the veterinary office with a nutrition and weight loss consult. Let us help you get your cat back to a healthy weight and keep them happy for many years to come.

Written by The Fairmont Animal Hospital Team


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