Cat X-rays

Imaging technology gives us a closer look at your cat’s internal organs.

There are times when x-rays are needed to complete the diagnostic process and allow us to see what is going on inside your cat’s body. The clinic offers on-site diagnostic imaging thereby allowing us to have results within the same day. Once the x-ray process is completed, and the x-rays have been reviewed we can move forward and discuss the next options that are available in the treatment of your cat’s current health care issue.

Why would x-rays of my cat be recommended?

During your visit to the vet clinic, your veterinarian may recommend performing x-rays of your cat. This is a useful diagnostic tool, used to help determine what is going on internally.

X-rays can be used to work up underlying causes of limping or lameness as it helps to assess any fractures/broken bones, dislocations, and arthritis. X-rays of the abdomen are very useful to assess for any visible foreign bodies causing obstruction, to look for masses, to evaluate the kidneys and to look for stones in the bladder. X-rays of the chest are used to assess the size and shape of the heart, to look for masses, and to assess the lungs for any diseases such as pneumonia or asthma.

X-rays involve having the cat lay down on the x-ray table. For some x-rays, we require cats to fast (no food before the appointment). This is advised if we need sedation for the pet, to keep them still for the best x-rays possible. If x-rays are taken of the bladder, we ask that our patients don’t go to the bathroom before the appointment – which sometimes is not the natural thing to ask of a cat – therefore we often will admit our feline patients and allow their bladder to fill up before taking the x-ray.

Do we take dental x-ray?

Dental radiographs are an important tool used during your cat’s dental examination and treatment – they give us an underlying picture of what is going on underneath the gum and jawline and allow us to understand the dental process better. Dental x-rays are taken during the dental surgery, and this will enable us to make important decisions regarding your cat’s dental procedure.

How much do cat x-rays cost?

Diagnostic imaging costs vary depending upon the type and number that are required – we will provide you with a treatment plan at the time of the examination; this plan will be tailored to your dog’s specific health care needs as presented at the time of the appointment.

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