A compassionate procedure for cats suffering from chronic pain or terminal illness.

Of all the things that happen during your cat’s life – euthanasia is the most difficult decision that you as a pet owner will ever have to make (Dog Euthanasia Page). We all at some point have to face the inevitable – the time when we have to face our own pet’s mortality. Every pet owner faces the final day with their beloved companion in different ways, but our pledge at Fairmont Animal Hospital is to help you through this painful and difficult process as best we can. We are personally and emotionally involved in helping you help your pet make their final journey across the rainbow bridge a peaceful crossing.

Should I stay with my cat?

This is a personal choice, and there is no right or wrong answer. When the time comes to make this decision the choice to stay or leave is entirely up to you, some people do not wish to have this moment be the last one shared with their beloved pet, others need to be there to offer comfort. Whatever you decide we will be there to support you during this difficult time.

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