Overweight Cat Help

Help your cat maintain a healthy weight with our weight management program.

Obesity is an increasing health concern in cats – over 50% of household felines in North America are overweight. Health problems become problematic, and your cat’s health can be seriously put at risk. As owners, we all love our cats and want to provide the very best life we can for them. Food plays a vital role in how we care for our beloved feline companions, and unfortunately, many cats are fed more than their caloric needs. By realizing weight gain is happening and reaching out to the veterinary healthcare team for support and advice: You can begin to organize a healthy and balanced lifestyle change for your cat.

Why should I worry – my cat seems happy?

Weight gain and obesity can put our cat’s health at serious risk, apart from the reduced life expectancy, overweight cats can have the following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Painful osteoarthritis concerns
  • Ligament ruptures due to having to carry the extra weight
  • Heart disease
  • Respiratory concerns
  • Disc disease
  • Heat stroke
  • Increased anesthetic risk

Remember too much food + too little exercise = Obesity.

How can I tell my cat is overweight?

Monitor your cat’s weight regularly either at home or the veterinarian’s office – if you can weigh them at home, monitor their weight monthly and keep a record.

Other signs to monitor include:

  1. If you cannot feel their ribs when running your hand over their side, then they are overweight.
  2. If you notice the loss of a noticeable waist.
  3. Your cat is slow to move or rise from sleeping.
  4. They have difficulty running, jumping or even walking.
  5. You observe shortness of breath when they are asked to move.
  6. They appear to sleep more than they usually would do.
  7. If you see some yes answers to the above questions it is time to assess your cat’s current weight and lifestyle – a good place to start is at the veterinary office with a nutrition and weight loss consult. Let us help you get your cat back to a healthy weight and keep them happy for many years to come.

Why is a nutritional consultation a good idea?

If you have any concerns about your cat’s current weight, diet, exercise and eating habits a nutritional consultation is a place to start. This discussion with one of our veterinary team members will allow you to voice your concerns and receive sound advice on what to do and where to start.

The nutritional consultation will enable the veterinary team to:

  1. Discuss current weight and any concerns your cat is currently having with the increased weight gain.
  2. Discuss diet and any dietary changes that may be needed.
  3. Formulate a feeding guide and plan for healthy weight loss.
  4. Discuss strategies with you such as:
    • Meal feeding
    • Measuring food
    • Food volumes
    • Increasing exercise
  5. Discuss monitoring diet and exercise regimes carefully to ensure that weight loss does not occur too rapidly.

Your cat’s health is our number one priority, and this starts with nutritional advice and weight loss management – please call us today to discuss in more detail.

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