Dog Anal Gland Expression

A necessary procedure to prevent discomfort and potential complications caused by gland blockages.

Most dog owners never think about anal glands until there is a problem with them. These glands are designed to release a scent that is unique to each dog – this is a regular part of canine anatomy and behaviour. In some cases, the glands fail to express on their own and this, in turn, can lead to infection, impaction and discomfort.

Signs Symptoms and Treatment

  • Excessive licking at the rectal area
  • Scooting along the floor or carpet
  • Chewing at the tail area
  • A bad odour

If your dog is experiencing any of these signs, the most common reason can be anal glands – having them expressed at the veterinary clinic is usually enough to make the problem disappear. While the anal glands are being expressed, they can also be checked for abscesses or the presence of infection.

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