The only permanent, reliable way to identify a lost pet should they ever get lost.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than realizing that your dog is lost – you have no idea where they are or if they are safe or injured. No one ever wants to face the disappearance of a pet, but by thinking ahead and having your dog microchipped the odds of your beloved family member returning home safely will increase. A microchip helps ensure the likelihood of your pet returning home by offering a secure and permanent form of identification.

Why is it important to have my dog microchipped?

Peace of mind – knowing that there is a permanent form of identification that is linked directly to you is worth the price of a microchip.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is the product of our high-tech age – it is no bigger than a grain of rice and is implanted beneath the skin directly behind the shoulder blades. This little piece of technology carries a unique barcode number that is linked directly to your pet. This information is available to all veterinary clinics, humane societies, and animal control offices – once the dog is scanned, the information you have provided can be quickly retrieved, and you will be contacted regarding your lost pet. A microchip and subsequent enrollment in the pet recovery database is definitely worth the peace of mind it brings in knowing that your pet’s chances of returning home safely have increased.

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