Home Dental Care

Great dental health is essential for ensuring a happy and healthy dog or cat. Dental disease is the most common disease that we see in our pets and affects cats and dogs of any age.

It is important to start dental care early, in order to set up success for oral health long term, but starting dental care at any point in your pet’s life is still going to be extremely beneficial.

Fairmont Animal Hospital’s Dr. Christina Parker has put together this video to make brushing possible, and easier, for you and your pets.

Thank you to all of our furry friends for their involvement: Brink, Tipsy, Dash, Bishop and Bella.

Please note: for this video, the brushing clips were taken over just a few days (since many sessions were done prior to filming). When actually practising with your pet at home, brushing sessions work best in 1-5 minute increments daily, or several times a week.

For interest’s sake, Tipsy does have a brain condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. She was born with this condition, and it can cause loss of balance and poor fine motor skills. It is why she looks so wobbly in some of her videos (and explains her name!)

Written by Dr Christina Parker