Cat Tail Language

Decoding Feline Communication

What is your cat’s tail trying to tell you? Your cat’s tail is incredibly expressive, and deciphering it can lead to a better understanding of your cat. It can help improve your relationship with your kitty! Read up on the tail positions below, and see what your cat is trying to tell you during your next interaction.

Interpreting Tail Positions

  • Straight up, flat hair tail: confident, happy, and curious. This cat would love human interaction!
  • Straight up, vibrating tail: very confident, very happy, and very curious. Please give this cat some love!
  • Straight up, hair puffed tail: very angry or scared. Please leave this kitty alone.
  • Straight up, tip curved: interested in and ready to play. Grab a toy!
  • Lying down, tail straight out: relaxed, enjoying life. Possibly enjoying some sunbathing?
  • Tail low: uncomfortable with the situation. Watch out; this can signify aggression as well.
  • Tail tucked: scared or nervous. It is your kitty asking to be left alone or for the scary stimuli to disappear.
  • Tail low, whipping: agitated. It is your cat warning you to stay away and give him or her some space.

Cats’ tails are just the beginning of their methods of communicating with people. Many cats will also communicate with their eyes and their ears, among other body parts and body language. Learning how your cat’s tail position relates to how they’re feeling is the first step in understanding what your kitty is trying to tell you.

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