Cat’s Meow: Quiz!

Cat’s Meow

Here is a quiz to test your cat breed IQ. Try matching the breeds on the left with the description on the right. The answers are listed below – how did you do?

1. Turkish Van a. Smallest Breed of cat
2. Maine Coon b. Has a curly coat
3. Scottish Fold c. Has over 8 coat colours and patterns
4. Manx d. Also known as ‘Skog Katt’
5. Rex e. Ears are straight at birth but change at 4 weeks of age
6. Sphynx f. Reportedly has a natural affinity for water
7. Siamese g. One of the most vocal breeds
8. Havana Brown h. Has silver-tipped blue hair and green eyes
9. Norwegian Forest Cat i. Has no tail
10. Korat j. Hairless cat
11. Singapura k. First long haired breed to originate in North America
12. American Shorthair l. Named after the colour of a cigar


  1. f
  2. k
  3. e
  4. i
  5. b
  6. j
  7. g
  8. l
  9. d
  10. h
  11. a
  12. c