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Why Routine Visits Benefit Your Cat

When it comes to health care indoor cats are very often overlooked due to their indoor status. The truth is cats need annual physical exams to help keep them happy and healthy and allow them to be part of your family for many years to come.

According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners there are many reasons to have your cat physically examined on a yearly basis.

 1. Cats age more rapidly than humans

A lot can happen during a ‘cat year’ this makes veterinary care important so that early detection of diseases can be found quickly.

 2. Cats are masters at masking and hiding illnesses

Cats are naturally adept at hiding disease or when they are not feeling well. That is why cats are often developing health conditions long before you notice anything is wrong.

 3. Weight checks

Over 50 % of cats are overweight or obese. Weight monitoring is part of every physical examination – it allows us to monitor for weight changes and permits us to give nutritional guidelines. Extra pounds can put your cat at risk for diabetes, heart, respiratory and kidney disease to name a few. Weight loss can also indicate underlying illnesses can be present.

 4. Preventative care is much better for your cat

Annual physical examinations give you and your veterinarian the ability to keep your feline friend happy and healthy. This will help you avoid medical emergencies since diseases that could affect your cats long term health can be detected much sooner.

 5. Dental disease can impact your cats health

Periodontal disease is considered one of the most pertinent health concerns for cats 3 years of age and older. Cats do not show any obvious signs of dental disease, they will often continue to eat and have no obvious changes in appetite – but they can be experiencing discomfort and pain from dental disease.

Help keep your feline friend happy and healthy arrange a health exam today at the Fairmont Animal Hospital.


Written by Fairmont Animal Hospital 



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