Canine Influenza

Some clients may have been concerned to hear that canine influenza has been diagnosed in Canada- wondering what this disease means, and how it affects their health and their pets’ health.

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Feline Dental Disease

Dental health is essential for ensuring a happy and healthy cat. Dental disease is the most common disease that we see in our cats and can affect cats of any age.

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Ouch! Puppy Teeth

Puppies, we all love puppies – even when those sharp baby teeth chew on your ankle or chair legs.

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Fine Needle Aspirate

You recently found a bump on your pet, and your veterinarian is recommending that you do a Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA). We take your pet to the treatment area to obtain a fine needle aspirate, but what does that mean?

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Battery Ingestion

Well, the holiday season has passed, and life is starting to return to normal. Many of the Christmas gifts we received came equipped with batteries. Dogs and cats will often chew on batteries and this in turn puts them at risk for severe ulceration to the exposed tissues. The most common type of batteries a […]

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