Fine Needle Aspirate

You recently found a bump on your pet, and your veterinarian is recommending that you do a Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA). We take your pet to the treatment area to obtain a fine needle aspirate, but what does that mean?

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Battery Ingestion

Well, the holiday season has passed, and life is starting to return to normal. Many of the Christmas gifts we received came equipped with batteries. Dogs and cats will often chew on batteries and this in turn puts them at risk for severe ulceration to the exposed tissues. The most common type of batteries a […]

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Dog Suffocation

In veterinary medicine, we often see cases that stay with us long after the incident has passed. In my case it was the loss of a charming little dog named Fred. His passing came about because of accidental suffocation in a chip bag. At the time I thought what a sad, unusual and uncommon accident […]

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Pyometra in Dogs

What is a Pyometra? Pyometra is a serious and life-threatening condition that occurs in unspayed female dogs. Pyometra is defined as an infection of the uterus, it is a secondary infection that occurs because of hormonal changes that occur when a female dog is in heat.

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What You Need to Know About Spaying

At Fairmont Animal Hospital we recommend having your puppy surgically sterilized (Ovariohysterectomy) at 6 months of age, before her first heat cycle. An Ovariohysterectomy is commonly referred to as ‘spaying’.

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