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Avoid Getting your Pet Skunked

Normally we start to worry about the arrival of skunks in our backyards much later in the year, but early spring is when skunks begin to show signs of moving around the neighbourhood again. Due to the unusually mild winter this year the skunks and also raccoons have not entirely disappeared and have been sighted […]

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Bringing a New Cat Home

Bringing a new cat into a household takes a small amount of planning beforehand – cats do have some basic needs and by providing these needs you will help to ensure your cat’s long term health and welfare. Cats are by nature ‘control freaks’ they like to have their own space and have control over […]

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You Can Count On Us To Care

The Doctors and Staff at Fairmont Animal Hospital continually strives to keep apprised on new developments in the field of Veterinary medicine; to do so we attend conferences, lectures and seminars on a regular basis. This continuing education affords us the opportunity to keep our knowledge up to date and in turn offers you peace […]

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Ailurophilia is the “Love of Cats” – Are You An Ailurophile?

Cats hold a special place in our hearts, if you own one (oops I mean if one owns you) you realize how they are truly a part of your family.  Do you recognize yourself in any of the following statements? When you come home you greet your cat before greeting anyone else in your household. […]

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Reason’s Why Your Dog’s Breath Smells So Bad

Does the sight of your dog walking towards you panting heavily make you panic? Does your cat’s persistent attempts to rub against your face make you queasy? Do you run away whenever your dog or cat approaches you – is the odour from their mouth enough to knock you over?  If this is the case […]

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