Ailurophilia is the “Love of Cats” – Are You An Ailurophile?

Cats hold a special place in our hearts, if you own one (oops I mean if one owns you) you realize how they are truly a part of your family.  Do you recognize yourself in any of the following statements? When you come home you greet your cat before greeting anyone else in your household. […]

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Reason’s Why Your Dog’s Breath Smells So Bad

Does the sight of your dog walking towards you panting heavily make you panic? Does your cat’s persistent attempts to rub against your face make you queasy? Do you run away whenever your dog or cat approaches you – is the odour from their mouth enough to knock you over?  If this is the case […]

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Feline Environmental Enrichment

Some days I look at my cat Clover and wish we could change places. She seems quite content to spend the day sleeping and eating. Sounds pretty good to me. But the truth is that cats need more to help keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Boredom in cats can lead to unwanted destructive behavior, […]

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Bad Breath in Pets

I love my dogs and cats especially because of all the kisses (licks) I get. Recently there has been a smell left on my hands where I have been licked and when I examined my dog’s mouth there was a horrible odor. The mouth odor of dogs and cats should not be offensive, granted they […]

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8 Tips for Feeding Your Pet

How do I know if what I’m feeding my pet is OK? Is it better to do homemade food? What ingredients are good? How much should they have? Is grocery store food really that bad? There is always a whole bunch of questions that we ask ourselves when reaching for that giant bag of kibble. […]

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